About Us

Savor the flavor of Quisqueyaspice, hot sauce, and spices.

A perfect blend of flavorful ingredients created with the perfect blend of heat. We use local freshly grown peppers and vegetables and add absolutely no artificial colors or chemical preservatives. If you are a hot sauce fanatic, you will enjoy the natural wonder of heat. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Quisqueyaspice is striving to maintain the quality of products made available to our clients. They are several reasons that set up apart from our competitors:

100% fresh ingredients, no fillers or congealers

100% great flavor, great condiment

100% quality control, we do not mass-produced, only small batches are made

100% personal attention, we invite you to call anytime to ask about our products and ingredients

Our products can only be purchased solely from our online store. Soon we will stock the Supermarket shelves in Brooklyn.

Quisqueyaspice is also an off-premise catering services, we lay our full emphasis on providing our clients with outstanding dining experiences, from cuisine to service.

Our catering service New York offers a variety of options for all kinds of tastes and preferences. Our menu offers a multitude of choices and is only the starting point for what our catering staff can create for any of your special functions.

Every dish that we prepare uses a combination of high quality ingredients, which include poultry, prime aged beef, and super fresh vegetables and fruits for salads and other dishes – the quality of sauces and spices available at Quisqueyaspice is simply superb. Whether you opt for Quisqueyaspice hot sauce and , spices or you opt for any other dish from our extensive menu, you will always notice the ‘freshness’ is the highlight. Quisqueyaspice specialty food, where every morsel is created as per your requirements and taste, is an added benefit.