Our History

Quisqueya or Haiti was the name given by the Taino Indians the native of the island before Columbus’ discovery. The name means ” Mountainous Lands” Haiti is unique is many ways. It resides in the island of Hispaniola along the Dominican Republic. the first independent black nation in the Caribbean, and the first post colonial independent nation in the world led by black slaves due to a successful rebellion. It is the only nation that gained independence due to its revolution. The country is rich in culture due to a mixture of French, African, Spanish European, and Portuguese elements infused in the history, painting, sculpture, cuisine and people. Haiti boast its fine cuisine with Caribbean characteristic is evident in the style. Comprising of fresh spices, variety of beans and rice with Spanish and African influences. The food is absolutely delightful. Occupying the Western third of the island of Hispaniola, Haiti has an area of 27750 sq km includind Tortuga Island, Ile de La Gonave. They are various stunning beaches in Haiti, the coastline in unspoiled and pristine and it is the perfect for sun-worshipers.